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We're a local family business providing domestic and commercial cleaning services in the Norfolk area

Our services primarily include:

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Window cleaning

Over the years we have built a reputation for providing high quality window cleaning services for peoples homes and commercial buildings.

We use traditional and modern methods of window cleaning for all our jobs. Along with the reach and wash pole purified water system we also offer mobile elevated working platforms and trained rope access for window cleaning.

We are also certified by IOSH and are members of the Federation for Window Cleaners.

Window clean - before
Window clean - after

Conservatory cleaning

Along with cleaning all of your windows and uPVC doors we take great pride in cleaning conservatories. This includes the windows, frames and polycarbonate roofs. 

If left for periods of time, moss can build up in the polycarbonate roof and guttering – so not only will regular cleaning keep your roof looking fantastic, it could save you money fixing potential leaks.

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Conservatory Cleaning - Before
Conservatory Cleaning -After

Gutter and facia board cleaning

Gutters and facia boards can soon appear tired and neglected if they are not cleaned at least once a year.

Facias and barge boards can be cleaned easily with our long reach poles.

Gutters are like sponges for fallen leaves, and if blocked will not carry out their job of clearing rain water. This can lead to costly repairs, so do get in touch with the team and we can help clear your gutters for you.

Solar panel cleaning

Is your home adorned with solar panels to harness the energy power of the sun?

Keeping your panels clean is a difficult job if they are situated on a high roof or out of reach on an out building. Clean panels will work much better at collecting the sun’s UV rays, so let us provide your solar panel cleaning at an affordable price.

Patio and driveway cleaning

Over time your outdoor surfaces will accumulate dirt, grime, moss, stains from various forms of debris and will look tired – or even potentially cause a tripping hazard. By employing our cleaning services we’ll leave these hard surfaces cleaned to a high standard and ready for use.

We will access the area and if needed apply pre-treatment products to help with stubborn stains or heavy moss. We’ll then use high powered pressure washers to effectively remove any dirt and debris – leaving your patio or driveway looking it’s best and preserving it’s longevity too!

patio and driveway cleaning
patio and driveway cleaning